What is the Cycle Touring Festival?

We are a small, friendly festival which celebrates the joy of cycle touring.  We define this as journeys of one night or more, by bicycle.

The best thing about the festival is definitely the chance to hang out with other people who ‘get it’:

  • People who know that travelling by bicycle is the most interesting, adventurous way to travel.
  • People who don’t think it’s weird to want to spend your holidays sweating up a hill.
  • People who understand the pain of a headwind, and the joy of a tailwind.

With people staying on site all weekend, it’s a chance to make new friends and catch up with old ones.

Above all, the Cycle Touring Festival is about the people.  Together, we are building the Cycle Touring Tribe.


Is the Cycle Touring Festival for you?

We cater for everyone, whether you’re a total novice or a world cyclist.  We try and be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, to everyone.


What is happening in 2017?

Features of the festival in 2017 will include:

  • Talks and workshops to inspire and equip you to undertake bike journeys.  To see the kind of thing we mean, look at the details of previous years.
  • A treasure hunt around the local area, to encourage people to get out on their bikes during the weekend.
  • Stalls from a couple of carefully selected retailers, displaying the latest touring kit.  However, we are not a trade show.  You won’t find rows of stalls trying to sell you stuff.

More details will be announced over the next couple of months.  Sign up to our newsletter to keep in touch.

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