2024 Cycle Touring Festival

This year’s in-person gathering runs from Friday 3rd May to Sunday 5th May, at John Ruskin School in Coniston, Cumbria. Tickets are on sale now.

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The Cycle Touring Festival is run on a not-for-profit basis. Our online events are generally free to attend and our in-person events are priced to break even. However, we do have overheads so ask for donations from those who can afford it.

Cycle Touring Festival 2015
Cycle Touring Festival 2015
Cycle Touring Festival 2015

“The whole weekend was just very inspiring”

“I have to say it’s the best event I have been to for a long time”

“My favourite thing was to be able to meet and chat with other cycle tourers and be part of the norm”

“I’ve never enjoyed a soggy camping trip so much! Thoroughly invigorated by hearing so many stories and travel tales, and meeting such smiling, boundless souls.”

“The best part was just meeting and talking to other cycle travellers”

“I think it’s safe to say you are on to a winner here, the whole weekend was really well organised”

“Overall it was bloody great”

Cycle Touring Festival 2015

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Cycle Touring Festival 2015

“What an amazing weekend it has been! I was hoping to get tips and ideas, have questions answered and meet like-minded people. I got all that and much, much more.

I have come away feeling inspired, humbled, affirmed, elated, reassured, itching to go and above all I feel I have found my tribe.

A great group of people that get excited by the idea of moving on and exploring the world on a bike and are full of generosity and willingness to share.”

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