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Become a Cycle Touring Friend and:

  • Gain access to our reciprocal hosting network (almost 200 members as at July 2023, mainly in the UK and Ireland)
  • Offer your expertise as a regional expert and learn from others
  • Find people to tour with
  • Benefit from discounted and priority access to other events

What does the Friends network involve?

The Friends network is designed as a way to connect members of our cycle touring community together.  

Reciprocal hosting

Through the Friends network, people who attend the CTF may offer others their garden to camp in, or even a bed for the night.  Can’t host at the moment? No problem – you can indicate whether or not you are available to host when you sign up.

Share knowledge and experience

It will also offer members a way of connecting to share knowledge and experience.  When planning our own trips, we often seek out people who have been to a particular destination to ask their advice.  Finding the right person to ask can be tricky.  Friends can tag themselves as regional experts, willing to share their knowledge with other Friends.

Find people to ride with

Friends should also be able to use the network to find other people to ride with.


The joining fee is £10. 

In the future, this may become an annual charge, to ensure the database remains up to date.

Income is used to cover admin costs associated with running the network and the festival.

How it works

Friends receive access to information about all other Friends in the network, including location (postcode only), relevant expertise and contact details.  By joining the Friends, people agree to have their information shared in this way.

You will only be asked for your postcode, email address and telephone number when you sign up. You can then give your full address to someone if and when you decide to host them.

Doesn’t this already exist?

There used to be a network like this in the UK, but it no longer exists.  There is Warm Showers, a hosting network which spans the globe, but the purpose of the CTF network is to offer a more personalised, UK-focussed service.  Several other countries have their own networks of cycle tourists, where members receive a directory of other members who are willing to host them.

Already a Friend?

If you’ve already signed up as a Friend, you should have received an email (possibly two) with the link to the password-protected Friends Directory page and the password to access the page. You can also find the page here.

If you’ve joined recently and not yet received the emails, please bear with us. We aim to process them every couple of weeks but sometimes life gets in the way.

Terms and conditions

By joining the Friends network, you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:

  1. The data you have given us will be shared with other Friends in the network.  It won’t be shared by us with anyone else, nor used for any other purpose.  
  2. Only the first part of your postcode will be shared, not your full address (which we don’t ask for).
  3. If your details change, please let me know by email ([email protected]). 
  4. You will not share the list containing Friends’ information with any other person, nor on any public forum.
  5. The Friends network is designed for cycle tourists to stay with fellow cycle tourists when on cycle journeys.  As such, it is expected that you will arrive at a host’s house by bicycle. 
  6. Reciprocal hosting is a core part of the Friends scheme.  It is expected that you will host as well as be hosted.  
  7. Although this is aimed at UK cyclists, people from outside the UK are welcome to join.
  8. You should only offer to host someone, give them your full address and/or agree to stay with another person once you are entirely comfortable with the arrangements.  
  9. You will follow relevant legislation and government guidelines around households mixing.
  10. Neither the Cycle Touring Festival, nor any organisers, are agents of any Friends and and can accept no responsibility for any damage, loss or personal injury. 
  11. All stays arranged through the Cycle Touring Friends network are at your own risk.
  12. Any changes to these terms & conditions will be notified to you by email.