The festival weekend is the beginning of half term for many people, which means traffic can be terrible. In previous years, there have been horror stories of people stuck on the M6 for 10 hours. Why not avoid all this, and turn your journey to the festival into a cycle tour? It’s much better for the environment – and much better for your sanity than endless motorway tailbacks.

We are encouraging people to meet up across the country and make their way to the festival together, by bike. You can arrange this informally, via our Facebook group. Alternatively, if you are already planning to ride to the festival, why not invite others to join you? We can publish details of your journey on this website, so people know when and where to meet up. We’ve already had one person do this and information on this journey will be published shortly. If you fancy doing this, send us details of the route together with meeting point, start time and any other relevant information.

Remember that you are entirely responsible for yourself if you are riding to the festival, even if this is part of a group that someone has invited you to join via this website or Facebook. They are not organised rides and are at your own risk. We want to foster the independent spirit of cycle touring!

Anyone who arrives by bike will receive a small gift from us.

Getting to the Cycle Touring Festival