Add your photos and efforts to our Facebook page, on Slack or tag us on Twitter to win prizes!


Contribute a page to the CTF ezine
Drawings, prose, poetry and pictures… anything goes! We want your submissions for this year’s e-magazine. Click here for details.


Bake (and eat!) a cake fit for a hungry cyclist
Refuel after a ride…then share your recipe with us on Facebook or Slack.


Fancy dress bike ride
Make lockdown more fun and dress up in a novelty outfit for your next ride. Prizes for creativity!


Complete the CTF quiz
Designed to be family friendly, complete our quiz, available here. There are no prizes for this one, it’s just something to do! Answers here.


Camp out
Oh baby, it’s cold outside (and we’re all under lockdown)… so even the living room would do. Prizes for the best set-up!


Cook on a stove
Whether it’s just a brew or a gourmet feast, share your photos and recipes to win prizes.


Plan a future adventure
Dream of a time in which we’re allowed out to play again. Join our Slack space and ask our community for advice while you’re at it!


Go for a ride and tell us about it
Wherever you live, however far you can ride, inspire us with photos and route details.


Write a love limerick…to your bicycle
Unleash your inner poet and share the results with us.