Information for those coming to the Cycle Touring Festival 2019

(pre-booked only; no tickets available on the door)


  • Registration
    Registration will open at 4pm on Friday 24th May.  Please do not arrive before then, because we won’t be there to welcome you.  
  • Camping
    Please come and register with us before pitching your tent.  There are lots of campsites at Waddow Hall and we need to tell you where to go.  In 2019, the campsites we are staying on are Wades Hill, Horseshoe and Dogwood.  One area of the Dogwood campsite (opposite the main car park) has been reserved for families.
  • Camper vans
    Please note that the venue does not allow camper vans – it is tents only.
  • Staying in the B&B?
    The B&B is on site, in the Main Hall.  Please come and register with us before checking in.
  • Late arrivals
    If you will arrive after 11pm, please camp in Dogwood campsite.  This is the campsite on the left as you turn into the main car park.  Come and register in Ribble Lodge in the morning so we know you’ve arrived.  If you plan to arrive after 11pm and are staying in the B&B, please let Waddow Hall know directly (contact details here).
  • Getting to Waddow Hall
    Car parking is available on site but we would encourage you to get to the event by other means…train, bus or CYCLING.  Find directions to Waddow Hall here. Anyone who arrives by bike will be rewarded with a small gift from us.
  • Cash
    Bring cash for anything you might want to buy (food on Friday or Sunday evening; drinks from the bar; speakers’ books).  There is no ATM on site.

Friday evening

  • Food & drink
    There will be food available to buy for dinner.  The bar will be open from 6pm.
  • What’s happening?
    There are informal sessions planned to get people talking, but don’t worry if you can’t get there until late – the festival doesn’t officially begin until Saturday morning.


The full timetable for the weekend is here.

You can download a copy of the brochure for the weekend here.

Pre-booked activities

Some of the activities on the timetable require pre-booking.

  • Wheel-building: please contact Ghyllside Cycles directly (there are only 8 places and it requires 3 x 1.5 hours over the course of the weekend).
  • Bushcraft: Waddow Hall are offering three different bushcraft sessions, repeated on Saturday and Sunday.  Each session is limited to 15 people.  Details of how to sign up will be given at registration.

We need your input

  • Could you be our headline speaker?
    In the spirit of democracy, our headline speakers on Saturday night will be YOU.  We will be asking for volunteers to speak during the open mike session.  You will have three minutes to tell us your story, and the best tale will win a prize.  Sign up on Saturday in Ribble Lodge.

Food & drink

  • Dietary requirements
    There will be plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans, but please let us know in advance if you have any other specific dietary needs.
  • What is included?
    We provide:

    • Breakfast on Saturday & Sunday (and Monday, for those in the B&B)
    • Lunch on Saturday & Sunday
    • Dinner on Saturday
    • Snacks and drinks throughout
  • Food is available to buy on Friday and Sunday evening, provided by Waddow Hall (BBQ, jacket potatoes, falafel, salad).  Waddow Hall will also be selling breakfast on Monday morning.
  • Bar
    There is a bar onsite, which will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 6pm.  You are welcome to bring your own drinks, but we ask that you please don’t consume these in the Hall.  The bar accepts card payments over £5.
  • Tea & coffee
    We provide tea and coffee throughout the weekend.  Please bring your own mug if you can, to help us save waste.

Heading home

  • The last talk finishes on Sunday evening at approximately 6pm.  
  • The bar will be open on Sunday evening and there will be food available to buy.
  • Your ticket includes camping on Sunday night.  There is nothing formal organised on Monday but it will be a good chance to head out for a ride.

Monday rides

We will arrange an informal gathering on Sunday evening for those interested in doing a Monday ride, so you can plan a route together.

Are you cycling to the festival?

One of our previous speakers, Darren Cash, has created an interactive map of where people are cycling from to the festival.

Instructions for use:

The map can be accessed using this link.
The login and password are shared:
Username: Touring2018
Password: 2018Touring
To add your location, use the “Item Tab”, and select the “Point Icon” which is on the left hand side, third one down under the search icon and place it on the map.  It’s generally better to pick a major junction rather than placing an icon on your house.
It will appear as a “New Item”.
Edit the “Title” on the right hand information pane, and remember to Save.

Please do not change the password, as it can not be recovered.

No support, no backup, if the account is deleted accidentally or otherwise – it’s gone.
You can also join our Facebook group to share your travel plans and see if anyone wants to join you.