The links below have information about the 2017 event. Details about 2018 will be uploaded in due course.

As well as an incredible line-up of talks and workshops, Ghyllside Cycles ran a whole day of workshops on bike repairs, together with Richard Hallett of Cycle magazine.  A treasure hunt took place over the course of the weekend, to give people an excuse to get out on their bikes and explore the local area.  

Download the full 2017 programme here

2017 talks and workshops

Stories from the road

  • Siberia – Helen Lloyd
  • Spain to Norway on a Bike called Reggie – Andrew Sykes
  • Spain on the Camino routes – Ian Yarroll
  • Ireland – Joe McCool
  • China – Twisting Spokes
  • Scottish islands with kids – Heidi Carroll & family
  • Japan – Heidi Carroll & family
  • Laos – Karen Bailey
  • Kazakhstan – Kev Shannon & Scot Whitlock
  • Burma, India and Nepal – James Thomas
  • Three Peaks by Bike, aged 8 – Thomas Ivor

Shorter trips

  • Bothies on a bike – Geoff Allan
  • Maximum adventure, minimum time – Kev Shannon & Scot Whitlock

Big trips

  • Doing a big bike journey – Twisting Spokes
  • Things I wish I had known before my big tour – Stephen Lord
  • The things you are not told about cycle touring – Claire Mason (of the Cycle Travel Journal)
  • Cycling the world…for seven years – Leigh Timmis
  • Cycling RTW solo, aged 60 – Ann Wilson
  • Cycling the world in the early 90s – Martin & Joan Ford


  • Intro to bikepacking – Ben Smith & Chris Goodman
  • Bikepacking kit compared – Tim Moss
  • Bikepacking films – Barry Godin

Everything else

  • Bike maintenance – Richard Hallett & Ghyllside Cycles (further details TBC)
  • Yoga for cyclists – Alice McNeil, Hope Yoga
  • Drop in physio / yoga clinic – Alice McNeil, Hope Yoga
  • Trends in cycle touring – Dan Joyce
  • Applying cycle touring lessons to normal life – Cressida Allwood
  • The perfect camping stove – Tim Moss
  • The Consciousness Cycle – James Thomas
  • Cycle touring in numbers – Tim Moss
  • GPS and electronic route planning – Darren & Rohini Cash
  • Cycling solo or in company – Laura Ricketts
  • Breaking barriers: women and cycle touring
  • Cycle touring books
  • Cicerone – hear from the authors

PLUS tell us your own story in the Open Mike session on Saturday night!  You will have three minutes to tell us about your adventure before the bell is rung and you have to get off the stage.