As usual, we have an incredible line-up of talks, workshops and films planned.  The current line-up is below (subject to change).

The full programme is available to download here.

There will be a couple of introductory sessions on the Friday evening, but the festival only really gets going on Saturday morning, to give people the chance to arrive.

The festival officially ends at 5pm on Sunday, but your ticket includes camping on Sunday night in case you want to stay and have a ride on the Monday.

2018 talks and workshops

Stories from the road

  • Cycling the Tour Divide – Lee Craigie of The Adventure Syndicate
  • Much ado about cycling (ten years of Cycling Europe) – Andrew Sykes
  • Six year around the world – Stephen Fabes
  • World bike girl – Ishbel Taromsari
  • Touring the USA – Neil Wheadon
  • 10 tales of doing it wrong – Charlie Walker
  • Ecuador and Peru – Ann Wilson
  • Tour in tune – Lars Henning and Jenny Bell
  • With the sun on our right – Tim & Laura Moss

Telling your story

  • Writing workshop – Dan Joyce, Stephen Fabes and Tim Moss
  • Podcasting on tour – Andrew Sykes
  • Filming your trip – Barry Godin and Geoff Broadway

Bikes and kit

  • Bike maintenance – Ghyllside Cycles
  • Wheelbuilding – Ghyllside Cycles (advance booking required – details to be announced)
  • Choosing the right bike for you (and why to ignore magazine reviews) – Dan Joyce
  • Frame building – Richard Hallett
  • Bike fitting – Richard Hallett
  • Carrying luggage – Richard Hallett
  • Using a GPS for route plotting – Darren and Rohini Cash
  • The perfect camping mat – Tim Moss
  • Family cycling equipment – Chris Leakey of Bambino Biking

Mind and body

  • Discover your inner child – Stephen Lord
  • Yoga for cyclists – Alice McNeil of Hope Yoga
  • Injury prevention – Alice McNeil of Hope Yoga
  • The Consciousness Cycle – James Thomas


(1-hour slots where a variety of speakers each give us a ten-minute talk about a particular destination within the UK, Europe and the rest of the world).

  • The UK – Trans-Pennine Trail (Rohini Cash), Welsh coast (Christine Armstrong), Outer Hebrides (Tim/Laura Moss)
  • Europe – Finland (Christine Armstrong)
  • The world – Pamirs (Martin Philpot), South Korea (Tim Moss), New Zealand (Christine Armstrong), Burma (James Thomas), Pantanal Jungle (Ishbel Taromsari)

Bushcraft (advance booking required – details to be announced)

  • Session 1 – Building shelters, lighting fires, using tools and natural navigation
  • Session 2 – Water purification, finding food from the river, camp gadgets for cooking, preparing and cooking fish

Everything else

  • Getting started in cycle touring – Broken Spoke
  • Making your own tent and sleeping kit – Brenda Cupryna
  • Bikepacking and touring in Scotland – Barry Godin
  • Rough camping – Stephen Fabes and Charlie Walker
  • Citizen science on a cycle tour – Sophie Esterer
  • Astronomy on a cycle tour – John McGuire
  • Tread lighter – Libby Bowles
  • Flying with bikes – Neil Wheadon
  • Cycling with kids (panel) – Chris Leakey of Bambino Biking; Neil Wheadon; Nancy Williams
  • Can you ‘explore’ by bike? – Laura Moss

Cicerone  hear from the authors

  • Rediscovering Lon Las Cymru – Richard Barrett
  • On two wheels with a camera – Richard Barrett
  • Cycling the Way of the Roses – Rachel Crolla
  • Along the way – Rachal Crolla


We show several films about cycle touring during the festival.  Full details will be announced soon.

PLUS tell us your own story in the Open Mike session on Saturday night!  You will have three minutes to tell us about your adventure before the bell is rung and you have to get off the stage.