We are encouraging people to plan and host regional rides, to showcase their local area as a cycle touring destination.

The first planned ride is below. More will be added as other volunteers come forward.

If you would like to host your own regional gathering, please do! Read more about hosting a regional ride ➜

Upcoming rides

Please note that these are social rides, and not organised by the Cycle Touring Festival. The people named as hosts have suggested a route and a place to stay, but are not acting as ride leaders. You need to be responsible for yourself, including booking your own accommodation and carrying everything you need (including a means of navigation, bike repair gubbins and first aid kit). Neither the Cycle Touring Festival nor the hosts accept any liability if you take part in this ride: you do so at your own risk. After all, the whole essence of cycle touring is about being independent and exploring the world under your own steam.

Want to host a gathering yourself? Find out more here ➜