Call for Submissions: all Cycle Touring Films

We are please to announce that the 2016 Cycle Touring Festival will feature a special film screening area where we will present a wide range of fabulous cycle touring related films.

We are now looking for submissions of films that we can consider to show at the festival.

What are we looking for?

We are particularly interested in films that:

  • capture the sense of adventure and magic of cycling touring (no matter how big or small the scope);
  • clearly tell the story of the journey;
  • have a creative and imaginative approach;
  • are non- commercial (i.e. independently made); and
  • are of high quality in terms of clear image and sound.

We will accept any cycle touring related film for consideration.  We can’t guarantee to show every film we receive but we will try to show as many as we can over the festival weekend.

We are sorry that we can’t offer a fee for the films we show but there will be a prize for the overall best film as chosen by the festival audience.

We are also scheduling an open session where festival attendees can turn up and ‘show and tell’ with their own short film (less than 12 minutes in duration).


The closing date for submissions is the 30th April 2016.

Submit your film by emailing it to Geoff ( [at]] with the following information:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • The URL of your film (with any password we might need to view it)
  • The title of the film
  • The year it was made
  • A few words describing the film

We would prefer to consider your submissions by viewing the films online.  If you prefer to send your film through the post please email us for the postal address.

Many thanks and we look forward to viewing your films!