What is the Cycle Touring Festival really like?

We really believe the Cycle Touring Festival is different. Unlike other festivals, we don’t have rows of stalls selling you stuff. Our focus is on stories and practical workshops. If you want to buy stuff, you can go to a

Know any good cycle touring films?

For the last two festivals we have had the pleasure of showcasing a wide range of cycling films that have entertained, educated and inspired us. From documenting epic solo adventures down the length of the Americas to a few days

Books by our speakers

Many of the speakers at the Cycle Touring Festival have written books about their bicycle travels.  We love reading them, to get a sense of the speaker’s personality and to experience their adventures vicariously. Books by this year’s speakers include

Want to know more about the Cycle Touring Festival?

What is the Cycle Touring Festival? We are a small, friendly festival which celebrates the joy of cycle touring.  We define this as journeys of one night or more, by bicycle. The best thing about the festival is definitely the

Update on 2017 event

We know we’ve been very quiet about the 2017 event but fear not – it’s all going on behind the scenes.  Tickets will go on sale later this year. In the meantime, sign up to the mailing list to be

Come cycling with us in September

The Cycle Touring Festival is wonderful, interesting, friendly, fun…but doesn’t involve any CYCLING. We’re going to put that right and invite you all to come cycling with us on the weekend of 17 / 18 September 2016. The plan: Meet

The festival…what’s it all about?

For those who haven’t been to the Cycle Touring Festival before, it’s worth setting out what kind of event it is. We define cycle touring as a journey of one night of more by bike.  Put simply: ‘Cycle, Sleep, Repeat’. 

Cycle Touring Festival 2016: thanks for coming

What a weekend. The sun shone, the company was excellent, the speakers were top quality and there were plenty of nice bikes to admire. We had 250 people at this year’s Cycle Touring Festival, who all gathered together to discuss